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What Makes for Great Cornerstone Content?

· Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content plays an essential role in cultivating a strong and authoritative online presence for your business. It can even be said that these well-written and relevant articles are the most important pieces of content that you can have on your site. They are informative, useful, timeless and help you to reinforce the keywords that you’ve researched and decided on. If you provide excellent cornerstone content that is free of “black hat” SEO techniques, it will help your ranking tremendously.

How to Make Your Cornerstone Content Work for You

Great cornerstone content is like having an employee that’s working for you 24/7. It puts forth the best representation of your business and helps users to find you when they search for related topics on Google. All it takes to get the most out of your content is to make sure that it possesses certain qualities that make it more valuable. We’ll detail what these qualities are below.


Above all else, your content needs to inform the reader of something. You might write about a product or service that you provide, but without being too “salesy.” You could write about a frequently asked question in your industry or pen articles about subjects that closely relate to your enterprise. This may require a fair amount of research, but it’s worth it when you see your website traffic increase.


No matter how informative and useful your content is, readers will not spend their time reading poorly-written articles. The person responsible for content creation should have a strong grasp on the rules of the language. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be on-point. Software like Grammarly can help ensure a high quality of written content.


Your cornerstone content is the best place to fit in your chosen keywords. Make sure to implement keywords, whether they are a single word or a long-tail keyword, that you know people will be searching for. It is in your best interest to conduct some keyword research first. This helps you to make sure that you are using keywords that are searched for in the first place.

In addition to the keywords used in your cornerstone content, you should consider the keywords used throughout other articles. It’s great practice to use long-tail variants of your cornerstone keywords within the bodies of other texts throughout the website. Revisit any older entries and update them to include these variants. This shows consistency of subject matter on Google and helps websites to rank highly.

Essentially, your cornerstone content should be the sturdy foundation of your website. While all of your content should be well-written and informative, cornerstone articles are where you should really drive home that focus.

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